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2023 Share My Lesson Virtual Conference Request for Proposals

2023 call for proposals

It’s that time of the year again! Join us for Share My Lesson’s tenth annual Virtual Conference on March 21-23, 2023. 
Proposals Due: Jan. 17, 2023

As a friend of Share My Lesson and valued content creator and contributor, you are invited to help design a conference to meet the needs of preK-12 educators, school staff and parents. Last year, we had more than 30,000 registrations for our conference, and many educators are still viewing on-demand webinars from the event. Individual webinars reached 650 registrants on average. View the 2022 Virtual Conference sessions.

Virtual Conference 2023 will be held over three nights (March 21-23) beginning at 2 p.m. Eastern time. Each session lasts 55 minutes (45 minutes for introduction/presentation, followed by a 10-minute Q&A).

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Request for Proposals - Due January 17

If your organization is interested in participating, please submit a proposal via the online presentation form by Tuesday, January 17. We are looking for topics of general interest to educators: current issues, social emotional learning resources, and all subject areas. We encourage you to submit topics that spotlight your expertise and provide content knowledge or classroom-ready material. 

If you are selected, you will receive registration information of participants who attend your specific webinar. We hope this information will provide useful marketing leads for you. To that end, we will be looking for a joint promotion effort between Share My Lesson, our 2 million members and your own network, as part of the selection process. 

Selected presenters will be notified by February 7. In making our final decisions, we will balance out subject area, topic submissions and promotional plan. Presentations can be given remotely from an office or home.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

Proposal Due Jan. 17

What we need:

Title and brief description of presentation

Subject area(s)/grade level(s)

Background on your organization

Name(s) of presenter(s)

Preferred date/time blocks

A brief description of how you will promote the webinar with your own network

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I have?

Each webinar is 55 minutes with a hard stop at 60 minutes. A typical webinar outline includes: a 3 minute introduction by our staff, 35-45 minute presentation with audience engagement, 5-12 minute Q&A, 2 minute conclusion. Aside from the introduction and conclusion, feel free to amend your timeline.

How can I make my webinar engaging and interactive?

We strive to make these webinars interactive through the use of chat box, poll questions, and Q&A, so we recommend you build in moments during your webinar to engage with your audience, rather than speaking the entire time. 

Exemplar webinars that engage their audience

If I'm selected, what materials do I need to provide, and when?

Marketing Deadline:

If you are selected, the following items are due ASAP, and no later than Monday, Feb. 13, so we can start marketing the event:

  • Confirm your scheduled webinar time
  • Confirm your modified webinar title (if necessary)
  • A company logo and any relevant images showcasing your program or resources that we can use on our registration page and for promotional purposes.
  • Speaker bio(s), photo(s) and social media: It is preferred that all speakers create a profile on Share My Lesson with a bio, photo and social media. If you have a profile on Share My Lesson, include the updated link to your profile or create one here: If you do not wish to create a profile, please send a photo (requirement is a minimum of 500px x 500px) for each presenter, a short bio and any social media handles you’d like to share with the audience.
Webinar Deadline:

Webinar materials are due no later than two weeks prior to the start of the conference—Tuesday, March 7. Please include the following: 


  • Slide deck: ON24 requires us to pre-load your PowerPoint presentation. PowerPoints must use common fonts. Please note: with so many webinars running, it can be hard to accommodate last minute edits to the PowerPoint, which is why we set the deadline in advance of the conference. Day of PowerPoint edits may not be possible as the platform takes time to render each file.
  • Poll questions: Attendees are required to answer at least 2 multiple choice poll questions to qualify for a PD certificate. Please include 3-5 multiple choice questions and answer options (no more than 6 answer options per question) directly in your PPT.
  • Seeded questions: We find having a few planned questions helps participants send in their own questions. Please submit 1-2 questions that your moderator can ask you to help kick off the Q&A.


  • Chat questions: If you want to do an open answer question/discussion, add those questions directly into your slide deck.
  • Video files: Videos cannot be embedded in a PPT. If you’d like to include a video, please send the video files separately. You can send them via DropBox, Google Drive, or send the YouTube link.
  • Any links or handouts: The audience will have access to a clean copy of your PPT. If you’d like to share additional resources, please send links or attachments. If more than 6, please use a google drive.

I haven’t used the on24 webinar platform before, or not in a long time. Will there be a training session I can attend prior?

Yes. If you are accepted, all presenters are required to attend a training to become familiar with the ON24 platform and the newest features available. This year, the training is recorded and can be watched at your convenience. All presenters must watch the training video prior to Monday, March 13, or you may lose your spot. Additional training is available upon request.

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