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Social Emotional Learning for Middle and High School

SEL can help students develop the understanding, strategies and skills that support a positive sense of self, promote respectful relationships and build student capacity to recognize and manage their own emotions and make responsible decisions.

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Holocaust Remembrance and Lesson Plans

This collection contains Holocaust lesson plans, resources and timelines for raising awareness of the tragic events of World War 2 and analyzing its impact on the world today. Teaching about human suffering and horrific tragedies can be difficult, but the need for educators to fill troubling knowledge gaps is clear.

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Civic Participation for Our Youngest Citizens

This curated collection of lesson plans, activities and resources will assist you in teaching lower and upper elementary students about the voting process, running for office, the documents that shape our constitutional democracy, how to be a good citizen, the U.S. governance systems and how to be a global citizen.

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Black History Month Lesson Plans and Resources

Use Share My Lesson's curated collection of free activities, lesson plans and resources for your classroom to teach about and celebrate Black history.

            Use Share My Lesson's curated collection of free activities, lesson plans and resources for your classroom to teach about and celebrate Black history.

What to Address This Month


Groundhog Day - Holidays, Traditions

Lesson Plan | Kindergarten, Grades 1-2


Lunar New Year Questions

Activity | Kindergarten, Grades 1-6


Transforming Stress Reactivity into Mindful Response: Stress Solutions for Educators Series Part 3

Adult Education, Professional Development, Paraprofessional and School Related Personnel, Specialized Instructional Support Personnel


New Beginnings: Reflection and Inspiration

Article, Lesson Plan, Worksheet | Grades 9-10

Latest News

Kori Street January 27, 2022

7 Lessons for Holocaust Education to Cultivate Critical Thinking

Read about seven strategies for teaching the Holocaust that have proven to be effective and will help deepen the learning experience of your students.

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PBS NewsHour Classroom January 27, 2022

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer Announces His Retirement

Ask Students: Who is Stephen Breyer and what is his background?
When was Justice Breyer appointed to the Supreme Court, and by which president?

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PBS NewsHour Classroom January 26, 2022

A Brief But Spectacular Take On Immigrant Justice In America

Ask students: What is Gaby Hernandez’s job? Why does citizenship not necessarily confer full rights to immigrants, according to Hernandez?

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