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Native American History Month - Native American petroglyphs in Capitol Reef National Park along the Fremont River in Wayne County Utah USA. Modern Hopi and Zuni peoples interpretate that these have great spiritual significance. Recording clan migrations, ceremonial activities, supernatural deities, and plants and animals found in the area.

Free Teaching Resources for Native American Heritage Month

November 14, 2019

Free Teaching Resources for Native American Heritage Month

Listenwise explores the significance of indigenous peoples and offers a rich spectrum of free teaching resources for Native American Heritage Month. 


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Celebrating Native American Heritage Month

November is National Native American Heritage Month. Teaching students about the culture, traditions, music, art, and world views of indigenous peoples is important to celebrating our shared sense of humanity. Celebrate this month with your students, and check out some Listenwise stories and other resources that could be helpful in bringing Native American heritage into your classroom this month and throughout the year.

Podcast Lessons for Native American Heritage Month

Explore our Listenwise stories that showcase voices and perspectives of indigenous people and discuss themes of culture, identity, stereotyping, racism, and privilege:

Native American Heritage Month - A Dreamcatcher blows in the wind at Medicine Wheel National Historic Landmark in Wyoming

Dreamcatcher blowing in the wind at Medicine Wheel National Historic Landmark in Wyoming

Listen to Students from Crow Reservation in Montana

Listen to this podcast to hear students at Crow Agency Public School on the Crow Reservation in Montana debunk myths and stereotypes about Native American life. Fifth grade teacher Connie Michael was inspired to make this podcast with her students after working with teachers at the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian, where she learned that students across the country had significant misconceptions about life on a reservation:

Other High Quality Resources for Native American Heritage Month

Here are a few more high-quality resources that can help you bring indigenous peoples’ perspectives into your classroom:

As we head into Thanksgiving later this month, it’s important to recognize that, as Teaching Tolerance explains in their Thanksgiving Mourning lesson, “For some Native Americans, Thanksgiving is no cause for celebration, but rather serves as a reminder of the devastating effect of colonialism on indigenous peoples.” They offer valuable resources to use with students to help them think critically about American holidays and history and to read and listen to different perspectives. 

Teaching Tolerance also offers other teaching resources to help promote understanding of the Native American experience. For example, their lesson Teaching Thanksgiving in a Socially Responsible Way raises the point that “Native Americans have been speaking out and writing back against the colonialist narrative of Thanksgiving for as long as the American narrative has existed.” 

Please share with us in comments any other resources that you use to help promote understanding of indigenous peoples’ cultures, histories, and perspectives.

More Resources: Indigenous Peoples and Native Americans

Share My Lesson is your go-to resource for indigenous peoples and Native American lesson plans with this free PreK-12 collection of resources.


How to Access: Premium access is now available for free while schools are closed for COVID-19. Teach with podcasts covering a variety of topics.


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