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12th Grade Summer Reading List

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12th Grade Summer Reading List


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12th Grade Summer Reading List

About This Collection

12th Grade Summer Reading List

How are you keeping your students or children engaged with learning this summer? Share My Lesson provides educators and parents a curated 12th grade summer reading list and recommendations to keep children’s minds sharp during summer break. These resources not only provide a fun way to learn, but they also are designed with input from educators, which ensures that they align with learning standards. The resources will help children reinforce what they've learned during the school year, as well as help them explore new areas of interest.

Reading not only supports academic achievement by improving vocabulary, comprehension and critical-thinking skills, it also sparks creativity and expands the horizons of young minds. By fostering a love of reading, we can enable children to discover the joy that comes from delving into different worlds, cultures and perspectives. Whether it's the excitement of a thrilling mystery, the enchantment of a fantasy realm, or the inspiration found in a biography, books can provide entertainment as well as enhance learning. Help your child start a reading adventure this summer.


Summer Reading Activities for PreK-12

Share My Lesson is here to help you engage children on the joys of reading, and we've curated this collection of free summer reading activities to not only pique interest but use summertime to enhance learning from the past school year.