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2020 Election Results to Inauguration: Lesson Plans and Resources

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2020 Election Results to Inauguration: Lesson Plans and Resources


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2020 Election Results to Inauguration: Lesson Plans and Resources

About This Collection

Lesson Plans and Resources for Teaching Transitions of Power: Inauguration Day

The 2020 election season and the surrounding events that unfolded will draw the curiosity of historians and the public for years to come, and the emotional toll it is taking on our country could not be more profound. Students will need guidance and support to help them understand the election results, how the electoral process and inauguration day ceremony work and how we can work to unite as a country after a tumultuous election season. Share My Lesson is working with partners to create and curate timely content for our community to discuss the complexities and delicate nature of the evolving situation.

In this civic education collection, you will find free lesson plans and resources for teaching about the inauguration, news lessons surrounding the 2020 election, ways to help students engage in civil discourse, ideas for student civic engagement, strategies for discussing controversial issues in the classroom and more resources about the foundations of democracy and government. Find resources like:

Looking for Resources on the Insurrection or Impeachment?

Visit the Foundations of Democracy collection for ideas on how to teach about the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, or check out the Constitutional Crisis and Impeachment collection for teaching resources on impeachment and the 25th Amendment.

Join Discovery Education on Inauguration Day for a virtual field trip and livestream.


Educating for Democratic Citizenship

The Shanker Institute in partnership with the American Federation of Teachers, Share My Lesson the and the AFT Innovation Fund has launched this Educating for Democratic Citizenship Project whereby a group of accomplished, experienced AFT educators have developed these Action Civics lessons and materials that we hope will improve teaching and learning of American History, Government, and Civics for teachers and students.