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Addressing Gun Violence: Lesson Plans and Resources
#7 Collection 2022

77 Resources

Addressing Gun Violence: Lesson Plans and Resources


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Unpacking Gun Violence in the United States

How do you talk to your students about gun violence in the United States? Educators and parents play a vital role in talking to and comforting students after one of the myriad gun violence episodes that seem to happen on a daily basis, and this collection offers dozens of free resources to help you foster meaningful, impactful conversations.

Be an advocate for effective gun reform in your school and community by educating students about current laws and regulations, supreme court cases and more with this selection of preK-12 resources that will help them engage in civil and meaningful conversations with their peers. Check out sample resources below, then start your lesson planning here.

Sample Resources
Gun Control Policy Lesson Plan

Gun Control Policy Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan | Grades 8-12, Higher Education, Adult Education

Educating for Democratic Citizenship

The Shanker Institute in partnership with the American Federation of Teachers, Share My Lesson the and the AFT Innovation Fund has launched this Educating for Democratic Citizenship Project whereby a group of accomplished, experienced AFT educators have developed these Action Civics lessons and materials that we hope will improve teaching and learning of American History, Government, and Civics for teachers and students.