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Top 5 Webinars on Classroom Management
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One of the most important phases of creating a supportive classroom community is to get to know your students as quickly as possible so you can connect with each one on a meaningful level. You’ll find that just about every aspect of a successful classroom community is dependent on this knowledge.

I can remember first hearing someone labeled a master while watching episodes of This Old House with my father when I was a boy. When the credits rolled, Norm Abrams was listed as master carpenter.  It added an aura to his skills akin to Jedi knighthood. But what made him so captivating in my young eyes was his affability; his excellence as a woodworker was cloaked in everyday flannel shirts and an unassuming nonchalance. 

Amber Chandler

As the school year winds down, and I reflect on the year, the high point was definitely my students’ Passion Projects websites. You can read about the project here, but I’m going to take what I’ve learned and hopefully provide direction for anyone who wants to go the next step with me. What’s next? A digital portfolio.

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