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Civic Education and Election Resources

Civic Education and Election Resources


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PreK-12 Civic Education Resources

It's election season in the United States and a good time for students to understand why local and national politics matter and the core principles on how our democracy and elections works. What is gerrymandering? How can we strengthen our democracy? Plan how to answer questions like these as we draw closer to election day.

Use these free K-12 civic education lessons, activities, blogs and webinars to help you educate students on the election and the importance of counting every vote. Additional topics include fostering civil discourse, fighting fake news, voting rights and debate ideas to keep your students informed and engaged. Interested in what we have to offer? Here are a few samples of what you can find in these free curated resources below:

Civic Education: Digging Deeper

The United States is unique in that the popular vote of the citenzry does not dictate the American President, but that of presidential electors. The Electoral College is an often controversial feature of the United States Constitution that confuses many people outside the purview of American politics. Head over the to National Archives for an in-depth tour of how the system works.


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