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Classroom Management Strategies: Free Lesson Plans and Resources

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Classroom Management Strategies: Free Lesson Plans and Resources


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Classroom Management Strategies: Free Lesson Plans and Resources

About This Collection

Hone Your Classroom Management Strategies

Whether you're a fresh-faced rookie or a seasoned education all-star, we can all agree: Classroom management is like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube—while juggling! You’re on the front lines, preparing to face a whirlwind of students eager to learn (and occasionally cause a little chaos). Armed with lesson plans and a coffee mug filled to the brim, it's time to turn to the often-daunting task of managing your classroom.

This collection of Share My Lesson resources is soon to be your go-to headquarters for classroom management inspiration. Here, we offer an archive of resources to help manage student behavior, from the wiggliest first-grader to the most aloof high schooler. With an array of techniques and strategies at your fingertips, you’ll be prepared to handle any situation with grace and confidence.

How can I set expectations? Every successful journey starts with a map, and our section on setting classroom rules and norms will provide you with the blueprint for a structured, safe and supportive learning environment. With clear expectations and consistent consequences, you'll be able to create an atmosphere conducive to learning, collaboration and growth.

How can I make everyone feel welcome? This collection also goes beyond maintaining an orderly classroom and delves into the nuances of building a welcoming, culturally responsive classroom. From celebrating diversity to fostering inclusivity, these resources are designed to help you nurture a classroom environment where every student feels valued and heard.

What about when students start talking over each other? Managing classroom discussions can be a tightrope walk between controlling the conversation and allowing free, insightful exchange. With our comprehensive guide, you'll learn how to steer discussions in productive ways, encouraging student participation and critical thinking.

What about professional development? Learning doesn't stop at the classroom door, especially for the ones at the helm. Our professional development resources are tailored to help you stay at the forefront of educational trends and best practices, ensuring your teaching methods remain dynamic and effective.

Whether the new school year is around the corner, or you’re just coming back from the winter break, with this collection you will be more than ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead. Let’s make this year an exercise in healthy norms, inclusivity and, most importantly, fun learning. And remember, we've got your back through every step and misstep, every laugh and sigh. 

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