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Foundations of Democracy and Government

Foundations of Democracy and Government


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Exploring the Foundations of Democracy and Government

Wondering what makes a democracy tick? Share My Lesson’s Foundations of Democracy collection provides access to lesson plans, resources and professional development for educators to help students understand what democracy is and why it is so important. This newly updated collection explores the idea of democracy and seeks to answer questions like:

  • What is the rule of law and how does it play out in a democracy?

  • What is federalism, and how does it work in the United States?

  • What systems attempt to limit government power?

  • What are the core principles and ideals of democracy?

  • How can we help students be informed citizens?

  • What do democracies look like in other parts of the world?

Strengthening the Foundations of Democracy

Following 2016, the concept of a healthy democracy has been placed in a precarious position, and this curated collection of free preK-12 resources has been organized to inspire your students and communities to be active, informed citizens. Looking to learn more beyond the foundations of democracy? Explore our other collection on civic education and elections and find more in the related resources below.


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