Hispanic Heritage Month


Use this curated collection to commemorate the histories, cultures and contributions of Hispanic-Americans with your students during National Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15. These K-12 lesson plans, activities and classroom resources will help engage your students and bring new ideas to life.

Share My Lesson has lesson plans, activities and classroom resources to help educators celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in their schools.

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Guides and Blogs for Teaching Hispanic Heritage Month

The first time I saw the words “culturally responsive teaching” was on a student-teacher evaluation form rubric. It was a new phrase for me, but as a veteran teacher, I was pretty confident I knew what it meant, at least in the broad sense of the term. The stance that I held—that I “already knew”—is at the center of the need for culturally responsive teaching. Educators, even well-intentioned ones, are not aware of their own starting place as teachers within a cultural context.



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