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Make the most of 2017 with your students. Share My Lesson has curated our top resources to motivate you and your students, refine classroom management and boost social and emotional learning. You’ll find essential back-to-basics materials, and tips and strategies we promise will be easy to implement. We’ve also included resources to help teachers work together better with special ed teachers, paraprofessionals, support staff and parents. Start with these lesson plans, activities and blogs for the best refresh ever.


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Get Motivated
Amber Chandler

As a teacher, my new year is really in September, and I always treat it that way, with resolutions to go along with my school supplies. I think most teachers are like that, and students too. However, it is important to give students a “hard reset,” kind of like when you call the IT person because your computer is malfunctioning. As we approach the “second half” of the year with students—the longer half, by the way—let me be your IT person with an obvious answer you just need to hear to try it out: Give students a restart!

Feeling burned out? Need a reminder why you choose to teach in the first place? Here are four of them from National Board Certified teacher and author Amber Chandler. 

Nothing in a teacher’s day is ordinary. Our days are filled with intense decisions involving the well-being of dozens of students. Instead of downtime to relax, hang out with other teachers or eat a leisurely lunch, we carefully watch over our classes while engaged in a whirlwind of papers to grade, meetings, lesson plans, high-stakes tests and countless other pressing tasks.

I’m a list maker and self-help addict from back in the day, so it isn’t surprising that New Year’s resolutions have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Last year, however, I realized that what I really wanted was not to have the same resolutions year after year. What if “eat healthy” and “keep the house clean” weren’t on the list? What amazing new goals could I have (and hopefully achieve)?

Back to Basics
Classroom Management

One of the most important tasks to accomplish at the start of a school year is developing a workable set of classroom rules that provide guidelines for acceptable behavior and protect your right to teach and your students’ right to learn. Rules also send the message that good behavior is important and that you expect students to work productively. Students of all ages benefit from the guidance these rules provide in establishing a tone of mutual respect, trust and cooperation. When creating rules for your classroom, you should follow three guidelines to ensure their success.

Raymond Macias

As a trainer for the AFT’s Foundations of Effective Teaching professional development course, I meet many teachers from all over the nation. The neighborhoods their schools are in, the economic status of their students, and the number of students in their classrooms vary. Yet, one question I almost always get asked is: How can I improve my classroom management? My typical response involves a short Q&A to discover how they plan, teach and assess. The conversation normally leads to a few major concepts I feel all teachers, including myself, should remember if they want to become the captains of their classrooms.

Hone your classroom management skills with these great strategies

*includes lessons for Special Education educators

10 lessons and resources

Social and Emotional Learning

This year, we are highlighting new resources designed to support teachers and paraprofessionals in providing safe classroom environments for LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning) students.

Bullying is a community issue that extends beyond the school campus and is...

Working Together

Share My Lesson is showcasing our best and most popular resources of 2016. This new curated collection includes: the top classroom management professional development webinars, the most-read blog posts and our most downloaded lesson plans and class activities.