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Summer Learning Lessons with Movies

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Summer Learning Lessons with Movies


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Summer Learning Lessons with Movies

About This Collection

Summer Movies for Kids: Staying Engaged and Entertained

During a lengthy summer break, it can be challenging to maintain an interest in learning when students are out of school. One engaging way to support continuous education during the summertime is through the use of movies! Engaging with movies together as a class or at home offers an enjoyable yet educational tool that can be used to foster a love of learning while enjoying quality family time.

Movies have long been recognized as a valuable learning resource. They have the power to engage individuals in a way that few other mediums can, helping to bridge cultural gaps, promote empathy, and even enhance language skills. When accompanied by a learning guide, movies can serve as an educational springboard, enabling students to explore topics in depth and from different perspectives.

In this collection, the learning guides that accompany our curated list of movies provide a range of activities and discussion points that are designed to encourage critical thinking and inspire curiosity. For instance, a guide might encourage students to explore themes from a movie, delve into character motivations, or relate the film's plot to their personal experiences or relevant real-world events. These guides often encourage students to engage in research, written assignments, and debates, helping to reinforce the skills they have learned during the school year.

Maintaining cognitive engagement throughout the summer break can help smooth the transition to the new academic year. When students are intellectually stimulated during the break, they're less likely to experience a disruption in their learning trajectory when school resumes. 

For families, these learning experiences can also offer a chance to participate in the educational journey of their children. By watching films together and discussing the related learning guides, families can strengthen their bonds while nurturing the academic development of their children. This involvement can provide parents with insight into their child's learning style and interests, enabling them to better support their academic endeavors in the upcoming year.

The use of movies and associated learning guides during the summer break provides an engaging, enjoyable, and intellectually stimulating alternative to traditional learning methods. This collection for preK-12 summer learning lessons with movies features a marquee of films for all ages, and shares content from Share My Lesson users and partners like Amber Chandler, Blueshift Education, Common Sense Media, Journeys in Film and more! Grab your popcorn and a refreshing drink, and get started here!

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