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Summer of Learning 2023: Lesson Plans and Professional Development

63 Resources

Summer of Learning 2023: Lesson Plans and Professional Development


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Summer of Learning 2023: Lesson Plans and Professional Development
#3 Collection 2022

About This Collection

Welcome to Self-Care and Summer Learning!

Summertime, often synonymous with relaxation and sunshine, also serves as an excellent opportunity for educators, parents and students to help transition to the next academic year while promoting continuous learning and growth.

The importance of high-quality teaching resources, summer learning and professional development provides many opportunities:

  • For educators, it's a time for growth, reflection, and preparation for the upcoming year. 
  • For parents, it's a tool to keep their children engaged and learning. 
  • For students, it's a means to explore, discover, and enjoy learning outside the confines of the traditional classroom.

For educators, summer provides a way to reflect on their teaching practices, explore innovative teaching strategies, and align their curriculum with the latest educational standards. With the constantly evolving academic landscape and the advent of newer technologies and ideas, summer professional learning ensures educators stay informed and well-equipped to meet the diverse needs of today’s students.

Summer teaching resources also play a crucial role for parents and students. Parents, often tasked with the challenge of keeping students active during long summer days, need these resources to keep their kids' minds sharp and engaged. High-quality summer resources provide a balance of fun and learning, ensuring that children not only reinforce what they learned in the past year but also explore new areas of interest that lay the path for new interests and goals in the coming year.

For students, summer learning resources provide an opportunity to delve into topics of interest that may not be included in the typical school curriculum. Whether it's a deep dive into arts and crafts, science experiments, or a literary journey, these resources cater to varied interests and learning styles, making learning fun and engaging.

This preK-12 collection of free Share My Lesson summer learning resources is organized into four curated sections that focus on: summer teaching resources for educators and parents; on-demand webinars that provide professional development credit; news lessons and blogs; and self-care ideas for everyone. We’ve also worked with partner organizations like Science Friday, Colorin Colorado, and Zinn Education Project to bring you a series of refreshing and inspiring webinars with topics ranging from invention education and media literacy to civic engagement and partnering with indigenous families.

Whether you are taking the summer for some rest and relaxation, or you're ready to earn some professional development credit or teach summer school, Share My Lesson can support you with what you need to make the most out of summer. Take a look at what to expect in the sample resources below, then get started by browsing everything else here.


Rosa Parks: Countering the Master Narrative

Rosa Parks: Countering the Master Narrative

March 23, 2023 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EDT