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Teach Human Rights Resources

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Teach Human Rights Resources


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The historical struggle for human rights is something that affects us, our children and future generations as we fight for equity and inclusion in an increasingly torn society. It can also be difficult to speak with students about sensitive subjects, but at Share My Lesson we provide expertly curated lesson plans, resources, and activities that define these rights, develop a global awareness, and teach how we can all make a difference when we act together to improve the lives of citizens, immigrants and refugees alike.

With resources from organizations such as the American Federation of Teachers, Makematic, Facing History and Ourselves, ADL and the Global Oneness Project, you can feel comfortable tackling these difficult conversations with your students.

Additional Human Rights Resources

Get additional resources for June's World Refugee Awareness Month, World Refugee Day from Re-imagining Migration. Be sure to also check out the Back to School collection.

Human rights rally

 #8 Top Collection of 2017