Tak L. Hui is a lead teacher at I.S. 141Q Steinway and has taught mathematics for the past 10 years. Tak enjoys creating math games in his free time and created XPMath, a free math games Web site containing almost 100 fun math games aligned to Common Core State Standards (CCSS). He created math games because he enjoys playing them with his students. Many of the math games are based on themes kids enjoy, such as sports, T.V. game shows and video games. Teachers can easily utilize XP Math directly in their own classrooms. To support teachers, he has created CCSS alignment guides for different grade levels, student tracking modules, class tournaments and more. Tak's greatest joy is in seeing his students improve their math skills through XP Math and (sometimes) beat him at his own game.

For more information visit the XPMath website here.

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  • Math
  • Elementary (Grades 3-5)
Common Core
This is a fun and interactive game where students need to catch whole numbers, but only if they are multiples of 2. Aligned to Common Core State...