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Project Look Sharp now has 16 media literacy kits that include detailed teacher guides and lessons for classroom decoding of historic documents for K-12 classroom teachers through the college level. Project Look Sharp supports the integration of critical thinking through media literacy in school curriculum and teaching. They do this through developing and providing lesson plans, media materials, training, and support for educators at all education levels. The purpose of media literacy education is to help individuals of all ages develop the habits of inquiry and skills of expression they need to be critical thinkers, effective communicators, and active citizens in today’s world. It is Ithaca College's Media Literacy Initiative. From day one, Ithaca College prepares students for personal and professional success through hands-on experience with internships, research and study abroad.

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Economics and U.S. History
  • Social Studies
  • MS, HS
This kit is designed to integrate basic economic concepts with media literacy and critical thinking skills into U.S. history through decoding of...
Resource Depletion: A Historical Overview
  • Science
  • MS, HS
This kit on resource depletion covers a historical overview of American representations of natural resources from ancient Indian basketry to...