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American flag bunting coloring sheets
  • Social Studies
  • Elementary (Grades K-2)
American flag bunting coloring sheet, plus three other bunting coloring sheets. The USA flag bunting is a great Flag day resource or any American...
National Children's Day themed page border
  • Writing
  • Elementary (Grades K-2)
National Children's Day page border - Narrow lined page with children's faces as the border, a fab National Children's Day resource or for any child...
Juneteenth bunting coloring sheets
  • Social Studies
  • Elementary (Grades K-2)
Juneteenth bunting coloring sheet, plus four other bunting coloring sheets that are perfect for classroom use. For more printables like these, check...
Classroom Door Signs for Kindergarten Classrooms
  • English Language Arts
  • Elementary (Grades K-2)
Kindergarten classroom door sign - To help US educators with their classroom organisation, we have provided some classroom door signs on our website...
Labor Day classroom banner
  • Social Studies
  • Elementary (Grades K-2)
Labor Day classroom banner, 2xA4 sheets. For Lots of FREE Labor Day printables and other US related resources, please just follow the ‘WEB’ link to...
Constitution Day Worksheet
  • Social Studies
  • Elementary (Grades K-2)
Constitution Day worksheet. Write a sentence for each of the words on the worksheet. For Lots more FREE Constitution Day printables, worksheets...
Columbus Day bunting
  • Social Studies
  • Elementary (Grades K-2)
Columbus Day themed bunting. For Lots more FREE Columbus Day printables, worksheets and other US related resources, please just follow the 'WEB' link...
Independence Day Missing Vowels
  • Civic Participation
  • Elementary (Grades K-2)
Get in the spirit of Independence Day with your students using this missing vowels worksheet from Primary Treasure Chest!
Travel Agents Clock
  • Mental, Emotional and Social Health
  • Elementary (Grades K-2)
Practice telling the time with your students using this Travel Agent themed clock face from Primary Treasure Chest.
Travel Agents Holiday Destinations
  • Geography
  • Elementary (Grades K-2)
Test your students knowledge of foreign places with these posters from Primary Treasure Chest.