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My Favorite Resources identifies some of the best resources and lessons available to teachers through Creative Commons licenses on Share My Lesson. Teachers from across the country collaborate together to identify the best resources and share them with their colleagues here.

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My Favorite Resources
  • Math
  • High School
Secondary Two Mathematics:<BR> An Integrated Approach, Module 5, Geometric Figures<BR> G.CO.9, G.CO.10, G.CO.11
Common Core
TOPIC: Food culture CORE QUESTION: What is the food culture surrounding your favorite sport or team? MISSION: Design a new food item to be part of...
This unit includes both literature and informational text of various genres.
Instructional Conversations can help English language learners (EL) develop reading comprehension along with English language proficiency...
  • Social Studies
  • High School
by Rachel McCormick, Stephanie Schneider This resource was created by Literacy Design Collaborative and shared through The Creative Commons...
  • English Language Arts
  • MS, HS
Resource from the U.S. Dept of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, What Works Clearinghouse ( ) Interactive...
Bullying, meanness, violence and intolerance plague schools nationwide. Regardless of geography or demographics, students from all walks of life live...