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The Cincinnati Federation of Teachers is affiliated with the Ohio Federation of Teachers, a state affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers. The Cincinnati Federation of Teachers provides lessons and resources for grades preK-12 in math, English, science, social studies, and art.

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Vision Board Activity
  • English Language Arts
  • High School
This is a great beginning of the year activity that allows students to project positivity on their goals in life. An outline is included to help...
The Life Cycle Of A Pumpkin
  • Science
  • Elementary (Grades K-2)
This power point presentation will help students understand the growth process of a pumpkin seed and the various ways people use pumpkins. plant grow...
Michelle Obama
  • English Language Arts
  • Elementary (Grades 3-5)
This power point lesson will share with students the life of First Lady Michelle Obama. Venture with us and learn about her life accomplishments up...
American Symbols
  • Students with Disabilities
  • Pre-K, K-2, 3-5, MS, HS
This power point lesson will give the students a review of some of the most popular U.S. symbols that represent various places within the United...
Literary Elements Powerpoint
  • English Language Arts
  • Middle School
Powerpoint presentation on literary elements in text.
Monarchy and Democracy
  • Social Studies
  • Middle School
This power point presentations distinquishes the difference between a monarchy and democracy type of government. It demonstrates the differences...
A New Way of Thinking: The Path to Democracy
This unit focuses on the path that led to a new way of thinking in which citizens went from believing and accepting the rule and decisions of their...
Producers, Consumers and Decomposers
  • Science
  • K-2, MS
This power point lesson will help students identify the differences in producers, consumers and decomposers while connecting to carnivores, omnivores...
Landforms of the Earth
  • Science
  • 3-5, MS
This power point lesson will show some of the natural features of the Earth. It will help students to understand some of the major landforms found in...
Where Are You?
This Power Point presentation is to help students get a clear visual understanding of spatial relationship in relation to a reference point on Earth.