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Hours of free webinars and thousands of professional development (PD) credit distributed, View the 2020 Virtual Conference sessions and check out the 2020 Back to School webinars.

Note: Many of the Share My Lesson webinars are eligible for one hour of recertification credit, per your school district's approval. You may want to check with your district prior to the webinar. After participating in a webinar, you'll be able to download a certificate of completion. Learn how you can earn professional development credit.

The 2019 Share My Lesson Virtual Conference Webinars are now on-demand.


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The Big 7: Healthy Emotion Regulation During Uncertain Times - Webinar
  • Multiple Subjects
  • Professional Development
Have you been riding a roller coaster of emotions lately? You aren’t alone. Join Dr. Marc Brackett for strategies to help make the ride a little...
Back to School: Attending to Students’ Social–Emotional Needs in the New Normal
  • Classroom Management
  • Professional Development
Join Facing History and Ourselves and Share My Lesson for a webinar on students' social-emotional needs in the new normal. What does it mean to go...
Helping Children Regulate Emotions During Challenging Times Webinar
  • Classroom Management
  • Professional Development
During these unprecedented times, our students and our own children are experiencing a range of unpleasant emotions, including anxiety, frustration...
How to Be Still in Chaotic Times: Research-Based Strategies for Educators with Marc Brackett
How are you feeling? How would you like to feel? Join Dr. Marc Brackett, author of Permission to Feel and director of the Yale Center for Emotional...
A Conversation with Steven Spielberg: Using Schindler’s List in the Classroom
  • Multiple Subjects
  • K-2, 3-5, MS, HS, PD
How can we apply the lessons of the film Schindler's List toward standing up to hatred in our own communities? How do you engage students in...
KEYNOTE: Teaching for Equity and Justice: A Conversation with Linda Darling-Hammond
  • Classroom Management
  • Professional Development
Join the American Federation of Teachers and Facing History and Ourselves for a conversation about equity in schools with national education leader...
Teaching Big Ideas for Real-World Transfer of Learning Webinar
  • Classroom Management
  • Professional Development
Join the American Federation of Teachers and Share My Lesson content lead Julie Stern for this transfer of learning webinar on how students can use...
The 1619 Project: Activities for Student Engagement
Join the Pulitzer Center education team and Share My Lesson as they present materials to support student engagement with The 1619 Project, including...
Creative Ways to Engage Students with Collaborative Writing
  • Multiple Subjects
  • K-2, 3-5, MS, HS
Join AFT Member, Stacy Vocasek, and Share My Lesson to discuss do your students struggle with writing? In this session, we'll look at practical...
Best New Features on Share My Lesson: Collaboration & Professionalism
  • Multiple Subjects
  • Professional Development
REGISTER HERE Available On-Demand This past summer and fall, the AFT’s Share My Lesson team has been busy launching valuable updates for our more...