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Ann Lewis Women's Suffrage Collection 

The Ann Lewis Women's Suffrage Collection is an initiative created by private collector, Ann Lewis, to provide access to her collection concerning the woman’s rights movement and the expansion of democracy in the United States. The material includes more than 1,200 books, periodicals, pamphlets, campaign fliers, postcards, correspondence, buttons, pennants, ribbons, figurines, and more. These materials demonstrate women’s organization around abolition, voting rights, and political and economic equality. The collection reflects the diverse voices within the social and civil movements of the 19th and 20th centuries, including suffragists and anti-suffragists, working women, political and religious leaders, abolitionists, birth control, advocates and educators. The website serves as a resource for teachers, students, historians, activists, and those interested in the strategies and materials created during the women's suffrage and equal rights movements.

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