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PBS NewsHour Extra helps teachers and students identify the who, what, where and why-it-matters of the major national and international news stories. The site combines the best of NewsHour's reliable, trustworthy news program with lesson plans developed specifically for students. Standards-aligned resources cover subject areas, including government and civics, STEM, social studies, English, the arts, economics and media literacy. Engaging and thoughtful discussion questions ask students to explore all sides of an issue and extension activities ensure students go beyond just the headlines.

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March on Washington Lesson Plan: The Math of the March
  • Students with Disabilities
  • Pre-K, K-2, 3-5, MS, HS
The 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington Lesson Plan: A Mathematical Representation of the March. You don’t have to be a civics or English...
What is Discrimination? Fair or Unfair Activity
  • Multiple Subjects
  • MS, HS
Make issues of fairness, justice and discrimination personal to your students with this lesson plan, which includes an activity based on a Dr. Seuss...
Leadership at the March through Music and Speeches
50th Anniversary of the March on Washington: The Other leaders of the March Learn about the goals of the march through civil rights anthem's like "We...
Debating Race and Justice: Trayvon Martin Trial
Social Issues, human rights, government, law, race
The Great Gatsby Curve
  • Multiple Subjects
  • MS, HS
This Lesson introduces a new economic theory to students through the classic novel (and new film) "The Great Gatsby". Additionally it provides a...
Voyager 1 Spacecraft Enters Interstellar Space
NASA has announced that the Voyager 1 spacecraft, which left Earth in 1977, is now the first man-made object to ever reach interstellar space.
Can Coastal Tides Power America?
Last summer the Ocean Renewable Power Company (ORPC) installed an underwater turbine in the bay off Eastport, Maine, the Eastern-most city in the...
Stop and Frisk through Infographics and Narratives
  • Multiple Subjects
  • MS, HS
This Common Core-aligned lesson helps students explore the New York City’s “stop, question and frisk” program through videos, infographics and a news...
The Heart Exercise for Individuals - Bullying Education
  • Teamwork and Social Interaction
  • MS, HS
This bullying education lesson plan is designed to teach middle and high school students about empathy in the context of bullying. Like this resource...
The Heart Exercise for Groups - Bullying Education
  • Multiple Subjects
  • MS, HS
This bullying education lesson plan and worksheet are designed to teach students about empathy in the context of bullying. Enjoy this resource on...