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The mission of the nonprofit Monterey Bay Aquarium is to inspire conservation of the oceans. Each year, the aquarium connects millions of people to ocean wildlife and ecosystems – through award-winning living exhibits; education programs that provide teachers and students with resources to become science- and ocean-literate; and through rigorous scientific research involving sea otters, great white sharks, bluefin tuna and other key ocean species. Its policy programs aim to transform the way seafood is caught and farmed, and to address critical ocean issues, from plastic pollution to the creation of marine protected areas. Educational resources include classroom curriculum materials, live web cams that can be incorporated into classroom learning, professional development opportunities for educators, and free admission for visiting school groups.

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Light in the Deep Sea
  • Science
  • MS, HS
Why are so many deep sea organisms red? Students explore one camouflage strategy of deep sea animals through an in-depth examination of light...
Plastics Use Audit
  • Science
  • MS, HS
How much plastic do we consume? In this activity, students design an investigation and conduct an audit of waste (trash and recycling) at home or in...
The Power of pH: Changing Ocean Chemistry
  • Science
  • High School
What is pH and how does carbon dioxide released from the burning of fossil fuels increase the acidity of the ocean? Students explore the answers to...
Gyre in a Bottle
  • Science
  • MS, HS
In this short demonstration illustrating ocean plastic pollution, students observe a two-liter model of plastic pieces suspended in the water column...