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Science Over Everything is a blog dedicated to helping students understand current events in science and why they are relevant in their lives. Each post comes with a with resources for teachers incorporate the articles in their classrooms, helping students comprehend what they read and activities to explore the concepts. New posts are published at least one a week, which means articles are never out of date. Topics have included the Cape Town water crisis, bee population declines, and SpaceX's rocket designs. If your textbooks have become obsolete and unengaging, this is the website for you. All resources are free to teachers!

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Home Water Use Inventory
  • Multiple Subjects
  • Middle School
SWBAT explain how human activity is affecting the water cycle. Students read an article on the Cape Town water crisis from 2018. Students then do an...
Earthquake Triangulation
  • Plate Tectonics
  • Middle School
Students read a blog post on how researchers take measurements of seismic waves and what they can tell us about the interior of the Earth, then use...
Erosion and Deposition
SWBAT describe how erosion and deposition changes how a stream is shaped over time. Student read an article on how the Mill Creek in Cincinnati went...
Heat Island Effect Lab
SWBAT test how test different surface materials and effect air temperatures. Students read an article on how the heat island effect makes cities...
Ecology Lab: Algae Blooms
This ecology lab on algae labs has students explore the relationship between algae blooms and the amount of fertiziler runoff that makes its way to...
The Secret Life of Neanderthals
  • Biological Evolution
  • Middle School
SWBAT explain how environmental conditions can favor a certain trait. Students read a blog post on how Neanderthals and humans interacted and why...
Relative Dating and Laws of Stratigraphy
SWBAT date give the relative age of a rock layer or fossil. Students read an article how trilobites were able to survive on Earth for 250 million...
 Calculating Our Carbon Budget
  • Earth and Human Activity
  • Middle School
SWBAT calculate how quickly humans will exceed our carbon budget based on the burning of fossil flues. Students read and analyze a infograph that...