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Re-imagining Migration's mission is to advance the education and well-being of immigrant-origin youth, decrease bias and hatred against young people of diverse origins, and help rising generations develop the critical understanding and empathy necessary to build and sustain welcoming and inclusive communities.

We live in an era of mass migration. Young people – whether they are part of an arriving or receiving culture – strive to form their identities as learners, community members and change-makers in the context of this global phenomenon. At Re-imagining Migration, we are catalyzing a community of educational leaders and social organizations around making migration a part of their curriculum and culture so that all students can feel supported in their social, emotional, academic, and civic growth. Join us in this important work.

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Understanding Migration Past and Present Inquiry
  • Immigration
  • MS, HS
This inquiry is structured using the Re-Imagining Migration learning arc and explores the impact of 19t and early 20th-century migration to the US on...