Ashoka's #ChangemakerEd aims to help all become changemakers. So what is a changemaker? In today’s historic period of constant, accelerating change and uncertainty - of unprecedented connectedness and complex, global problems - being a changemaker is a lifelong way of seeing, thinking, and acting.  A changemaker is anyone (friend, teammate, neighbor, teacher) who steps up to solve a problem for the good of all.

From all around the globe, the educators, parents, schools, youth organizations and more who make up Ashoka’s #ChangemakerED network know that changemaking is just as important as literacy and numeracy.  Once a young person has had a dream, built a team, and changed her world, she will be a changemaker for life, contributing again and again to whatever problem needs solving. She has her power.  She will not be shut out of today's change-driven environment.  

That’s what #ChangemakerED is all about:  recognizing young people as powerful agents, able to express empathy in action and employ teamwork and collaborative leadership to bring about creative solutions for the good of all.   These are what we call the four “changemaker skills.”  

The resources in Ashoka’s #ChangemakerED collection provide practical ways to bring the four changemaker skills to your classroom.  They are primarily sourced from, and field-tested by, teachers who are working to redefine what success in growing up looks like to include the practice of changemaking.  

At Ashoka, our commitment to preparing the next generation to navigate this rapidly changing world is borne from our four decades of experience pioneering the field of social entrepreneurship. We have the world's largest network of systems-changing innovators, 3500+ and spanning more than 80 countries.   From them, we glean insights and patterns that help us understand what the future needs and how to create new solutions for building a better world.

To learn more about the powerful work of Ashoka's #ChangemakerED, please visit their website at the link here.


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