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Distance Learning Community: Supporting Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic 

Help us add lessons for distance learning, or share how your community or school is supporting students by uploading resources to share with educators and parents across the country. What resources are you sending home with students? How are you communicating with your students if schools close down? Are there projects you are asking your students to do at home? Join this distance learning community and find new ways to create, discover and share lesson plans, handouts and resources.


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To address this important year-end milestone, a cadre of preK-12 AFT members from across the nation has jointly designed standards-based, integrated content, offering capstone project ideas that are grade-level and developmentally appropriate. These projects will enable students to demonstrate learning in a variety of ways, such as writing a story or song, scrapbooking and counting objects in the home. These capstone projects can be utilized to wrap up the school year, be used to complete a voluntary summer learning program, or even serve as a re-entry into the next school year—whenever that happens. Teachers can adapt and modify the capstone project ideas, making them unique for their classrooms. All of the necessary resources have been provided (e.g., hyperlinks, activity sheets, question prompts, etc.) to make them easy to use. Most of all, we want students to feel good about all they know!

Find Capstones here: https://sharemylesson.com/aft

Grade-Band Themes:

Grades K-2: All About Me
Grades 3-5: We Are All Connected
Grades 6-8: The Power of Story in a Changing World
Grades 9-12: Overcoming Challenges Through the Lens of Social Justice

Download the capstone projects on Share My Lesson (https://sharemylesson.com/aft), and join us next week for a webinar to learn more: K-12 Culminating Capstones: End-of-Year Projects for Distance Learning Success, May 21 at 6 p.m. EDT. https://sharemylesson.com/teaching-resource/k-12-culminating-capstones-e...
I am so amazed at some of my students who have stepped up with thier learning activity. I have online Zoom meetings with these students and just like at school, when we would warm up and take brain-breaks , it is the same. It started slow but it has just grown. I could not have done this without the awesome support of parents. Thank you for helping. I miss a lot of my students and have been sending text messages, emails and shout-out through others students and bus-drivers.
I have grown too during this new and different time. I am seeing students having fun with Math too.
Tell us here: how do you make a difference every day, or how much do you miss your students and community? If you are a parent or community member, share why you are thankful for our teachers, nurses and public employees.
50 heroes will win $100 gift cards to local restaurants to help small businesses stay afloat and 25 heroes will win free books from First Book.

Nominate a teacher, nurse or public employee with a short video sharing your thanks. If you are a teacher, nurse or public employee, tell us how YOU make a difference every day, or how much you are missing your students and community.

Nominate and enter here:
Does anyone in this community also work in a correctional system? How are you doing during with the Virtual transition? What are your challenges?
I wanted to flag three new webinars coming up this week and next week on ELLs and distance learning and preventing the summer slide. All three can be viewed on the link below. They are free and you will receive PD credit (assuming your school district accepts it).

Learn more and register: https://sharemylesson.com/partner/share-my-lesson-webinars

Distance Learning and English Language Learners: What Have We Learned So Far?
AFT, SupportEd, Colorín Colorado
Thursday, April 30, 2020
at 3:00pm EDT

How Parents Can Help Stem a "COVID-19 Learning Slide" Webinar
ACT and the American Federation of Teachers
Thursday, May 7, 2020
at 1:00pm EDT

Preventing Summer Learning Loss: Strategies for Educators, Districts and Parents
AFT and Springboard Collaborative
Thursday, May 7, 2020
at 3:30pm ET

We wrapped up our annual Share My Lesson Virtual Conference last month. Be sure to check out the 42 webinars - PD credit is still available. https://sharemylesson.com/vc2020

My best,
Kelly Booz
Director of Share My Lesson
Comes with a free pdf copy of the book.
All school are closed, anyone have any idea on how to enroll with an educational distance learning module since they have no school home.
We're putting together a list to share this week. We will feature some of our great SML partners and other material that's helpful. There are a lot of lists out there - what tools do you recommend?
I hope you will share your ideas, tips, lessons, and questions as we all enter into new territory. We just published two new webinars for our free 2020 Share My Lesson Virtual Conference (March 24-26) on the coronavirus done in partnership with PBS NewsHour, Facing History and Ourselves, and the AFT.

Please register and spread the word. The conference is fully online and virtual. In addition to these online webinars, we have 40 additional webinars covering a variety of topics - all with professional development (PD) credit. https://sharemylesson.com/vc2020

NEW: Coronavirus: Teaching Complex Current Events and Supporting Student Well-Being

NEW: Coronavirus: Maintaining Healthy Schools and Preparing for Online Learning

Kelly Booz, Director of Share My Lesson