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School Reopening Community: Learning Beyond COVID-19 

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Help us add lessons and resources to support school reopening, hybrid teaching and distance learning. Share how your community or school is supporting students by uploading resources to share with educators and parents across the country.

With the ever-evolving pandemic, schools may need to plan for all possible scenarios to reopen fully, partially, or not at all. How are you preparing students for a return to the classroom? What ideas do you have for learning recovery and social emotional recovery? How are you communicating with your students if schools need to temporarily close down? Join this school reopening community and find new ways to create, discover and share lesson plans, handouts and resources.


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I would love to see Virtual Simulations and hands-on home-based science experiments that children can do and how to assess students' written responses.
I usually have several grade levels, as well as reading levels, in my room. Once you add the mental health and behavior issues, simple, meaningful lessons and assignments, would be welcomed.
I'd love to present our work at the PSE for over 4,000 Teachers in Training, particularly how we help Teachers in Training develop lessons for diversity and inclusion for grades 5-12 with American literature topics dealing with African-American literature, Latin American literature, Hispanic-American literature, Asian-American literature and Native American literature. The lessons deal with autobiographic memoirs dealing with intercultural clashes to help build intercultural skills, knowledge and attitudes.

Does anyone know how to submit a webinar/presentation proposal for this amazing March conference? Really looking forward to meeting everyone, as the PSE is new to Share My Lesson.

Best wishes,
Rich Powers
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I feel heard and supported!
From learning a new technology tool, to seeing how it looks and works from a student's perspective to then creating and sharing the lesson. Teachers are exhausted. Luckily I work with small groups of math students so I don't have to deal with a large classroom of virtual students and all its problems. However, even though I only have small groups of students, I still plan 2 to 3 of these extended lessons a day. I can't even imagine what elementary teachers are going through with having the same students all day and creating lessons for all subject areas. Sometimes parents and community members think those of us that are working from home, are just sitting around doing nothing. That is so far from the truth.
The biggest issue in my opinion though is that our district won’t make a decision about just continuing online, or going back hybrid. Yes, we keep getting pushed back by our governor, but I just wish the district would call it for the semester so everyone knows what to expect, regardless of the politics. I’m fairly certain that won’t happen though, because the politics in my district are different from the state as a whole. Stop fighting and do what’s best for the kids. Oof.
I’m tired all the time from rebuilding lessons we are to share from my fellow teachers who do jot teach virtually. They have our lessons. I do not know how to help them understand that a page full of links is not a virtual lesson. Then helping students try to complete lessons that they are not completing is so hard. I’m on the phone more than I am teaching. Would love some help and guidance.
I also have a elder son whom is 12 and in the 7th grade public school. Since the virus has closed schools I have both of my kids home and my eldest is on the computer to die his public schooling now. We have just moved and since the beginning of October wifi has been so spotty that he has missed many days. If it wasn't the wifi service it was one of the many apps that they have to go through to get into class. It's very different from the normal I'm just having to take my eldest son out and into the Homeschool to not take I feel lik3
We're taking a pause from our normal professional development webinars to focus on our mental and physical health. Over the course of the next several weeks we are bringing fitness instructors, social-emotional and mental health leaders, and nutritionists together so we can collectively “workout” and de-stress our bodies and our minds.

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Hope you'll come workout with us! :)
- Kelly Booz, Director of AFT's Share My Lesson
We are using the blended format. It seems that the parents have not really bought into this remote/in school, rotating days program. Here it is mid November and there are still students who are not participating in school or remote. How is that beneficial to the student learning process?
Now, we are hybrid teaching. It has been an interesting ride with trying to teach, engage, and motivate students through online learning. Somedays I think things are going well, and other days I think I am not getting through to them. I have changed a few concepts this quarter by taking notes of each student and making sure I contact students, parents, and/or guardians to keep on top up of students doing well in class. One caveat is that I do not have to worry about disciplinary issues, but I do have to worry about "check out" issues. I am trying to do the best I can to keep my students interested by using games such as Kahoot,, and other online choice boards. I am also trying to help with their levels of stress by using mindfulness strategies such as soft belly breathing and music. I am getting daily headaches lately. I am not sure if it is from computer/ screen use or something else. I find that soft belly breathing helps to ease some of the pain.
I connect my laptop to my interactive white board so that whatever I put on the board for my in-person students can be seen by my online students and vice versa. I am thankful for the technology when it works properly. One challenge in lesson design is definitely labs. I try to do short demonstrations and then have the students do a virtual lab to explore, but it is not always possible to find a quality virtual lab that covers the exact skill that you are trying to deliver. If anyone has free or low cost quality virtual lab solutions, please share! I already use Phet Simulations.