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Welcome to our Detroit Resource Center page, where Share My Lesson editors have pulled together fun activities, lessons, math and science tutorials and recommended sources to keep students engaged in learning both inside and outside of the classroom. We also encourage educators and parents to upload any resource that may be helpful for fun, inspiring learning. 

We will update this page often with new lessons and activities as they come in! If you want to send a resource or list your community activity, library event or otherwise comment please email or reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter. 

Julie Harland has been a full-time Mathematics Professor since 1987. She created videos for her own students, and later began uploading them to Youtube in order to make them available to anyone in...
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CK-12 provides open-source high quality K-12 learning platform to help teachers provide learning opportunities for students globally. Free access to 5000+ high-quality, customizable educational...

All educators want to motivate their students to keep working hard—even when they’re not in school! We know how important it is that students continue to study, but it might be difficult to keep them engaged in learning when they aren’t in the classroom. The free resources in this collection...

Supporting your children's education is an important task for any parent and community member, but it can be difficult during to find resources that align with and extend the lessons they’re learning in school. At Share My Lesson, we have hand-picked samples of our most popular lesson plans,...

José Luis Vilson

Educators love José Luis Vilson’s insight.

Julia G. Thompson

Teachers at all grade levels are well aware of the damage that “summer slide” can do to students who have been successfully learning for months and then are not involved in significant learning act

Amber Chandler

I’m a big fan of brain research, and one of the favorite maxims that I truly utilize is giving an idea “simmer time,” meaning that you pose a question and let your brain think about it without you

Amber Chandler

The first thing I pay attention to when I walk into your house isn’t if the floors are clean. God knows mine usually aren’t.