CKSci Kindergarten Unit 2: Needs of Plants and Animals

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CKSci Kindergarten Unit 2: Needs of Plants and Animals

Focus: In this unit, students learn that all animals need food to live and grow and that they obtain their food from plants or other animals. Students also learn that plants need air, water, mineral nutrients, and light to live and grow. Students learn that all living things need resources from their environment and that they live in places that have the things they need. Humans use natural resources for everything they do. Students describe the needs of plants and animals and their relationship with the local habitat as well as identify ways landscapes can be transformed into a habitat for plants and animals.

Engineers and engineering designers use knowledge of the needs of plants and animals as they use materials in design solutions to make things that are useful to people. This series of lessons incorporates learning goals that support the principles and practices of engineering design, such as defining problems, testing materials, and evaluating possible solutions.

Number of Lessons: 3, each lesson is divided into 4-5 lesson segments.

Instruction Time: We recommend that you plan for about 30-45 minutes for each lesson segment. We further recommend that you spend a minimum of twenty days and a maximum of thirty days teaching the Needs of Plants and Animals unit so that you have time to teach the other units in the Kindergarten CKSci series.

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