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Chicago Teachers Union Quest Center

Chicago Teachers Union Quest Center

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The CTU Quest Center is proud to announce the publication of teacher created model instructional units! Five CCSS -driven units were written by 30 CPS teachers and field tested in 12 Chicago Public Schools. Following the field test the exemplar units were further revised by 20 CPS teachers and externally reviewed by reading expert Timothy Shanahan, and mathematics expert John T. Baldwin, of University of Illinois at Chicago. Each unit of instruction includes detailed instructions, anticipated student responses and teacher supports, EL adaptations, learning progressions, instructional activities, and a culminating task and assessment rubric. There are also selected videos from the classrooms of the CPS field test teachers available on YouTube’s CTU Quest Center channel. Every student task/activity is print ready. The PDF is easily navigable using embedded links for efficient and easy use. The units are “teacher friendly” and ready to implement in your classroom instruction!