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Brian McLogan is a high school math teacher in Jacksonville, Florida. His passion is helping others and spreading math knowledge across the world through online learning. He understands the power of education and wants to help motivate students to overcome their fears and obstacles with mathematics. As a student who struggled with math student himself, Mr. McLogan understands the feeling of sitting in a classroom thinking you are only person in the room who does not understand a concept. He knows what it is like to not understand a subject no matter how many times the teacher tries to explain. Through his teaching methods he keeps that struggling student in mind by not only using different methods of instruction but also by conveying a reasoning to why things work. With this approach Mr. McLogan has seen great success with his own students in the classroom and online. Visit his site at

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What is a Horizontal Asymptote
  • Math
  • High School
Tutorial on what is the Horizontal Asymptote.
4.1 How to find the smallest positive and negative coterminal angles
  • Math
  • High School In this video playlist I show you how to find coterminal angels when given an angle in standard position. Coterminal...