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Trialling new drugs - BrainChoc
  • Conduct Investigations
  • High School
This PowerPoint contains details about running the lesson as well as resources. Students are told that they are trialling a new type of chocolate...
Calculating electricity costs
  • Electromagnetism
  • High School
A council in Wales, UK is planning to start turning off 14 000 of its street lights in order to save money. This resource gives students practice at...
Jetpack forces
  • Energy
  • Middle School
This PowerPoint presentation shows the forces acting on a man using a jet pack and asks students to think about the size of the forces. For more...
The world's most dangerous drink?
  • Systems in the Human Body
  • Middle School
The PB&C milkshake packs a whopping 2010 calories per serving. Not exactly a great snack if you’re aiming for a balanced diet. This resource...
Selective breeding to produce a red-fleshed apple
  • Cell Biology
  • Middle School
This resource contains a starter which introduces the students to the red-fleshed Redlove apple and an activity where they have to write an article...
Christmas science games
  • Physical Science
  • K-2, 3-5, MS
Contains two instruction sheets for fun science activities. The first is a make your own buzzer game which requires the students to apply what they...
Could the Beckhams have a girl?
  • Genetics
  • High School
Victoria Beckham is pregnant but is it possible that she might have a girl this time? This resource takes students through what we mean by sex...
Genetic engineering and the spider goats
  • Genetics
  • High School
In this resource students learn about the process by which spider goats were made: transgenic animals that produce spider silk proteins in their milk...
Ionic bonding speed dating
  • Chemical Bonds
  • High School
In this activity students take the role of elements and carry out a speed dating activity to find the perfect partner to bond with. For full details...
Pancake force diagrams
  • Multiple Subjects
  • 3-5, MS
Common Core
Students create their own diagrams to show the forces involved when flipping a pancake. Aligned with common core standard: 5.MD.1 For further...