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TeachingAmericanHistory.org is the leading online resource for teachers of American history, government, and civics. TAH.org provides online and in-person opportunities to earn graduate degrees in American History and Government; partners with schools across the country to bring its unique, Socratic model of primary documents study to teachers where they work; and has a vast array of documents and programs available at TAH.org. Teachers who participate in online and in-person programs can earn graduate credit for their work on primary documents-based lessons. Those lessons, vetted by TAH.org, are presented here at Share My Lesson for the use of the broader Social Studies teaching community. Additionally, lessons created under a National Endowment for the Humanities grant are also available. TAH.org is committed to adding to this archive with additional lessons, podcasts, and materials for teachers in search of enrichment for themselves, and lessons for their students.

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Lincoln and Secession
  • The Civil War
  • High School
This lesson helps students examine the causes of the dispute between the states leading up to Secession.
Learning About the Constitution
  • Constitution and Bill of Rights
  • High School
This multi-day lesson will help you orient your students to the basics of what's in the Constitution, where it can be found, and what it means. Use...
Civil Rights in the 1960s: A Solid Foundation
  • Civil Rights Movement
  • High School
The focus of this lesson is to understand different approaches to the Civil Rights Movement---notably the contrasting styles between Dr. Martin...
A Walking Tour of the Constitution
A multi-day, documents-based lesson that will help students learn and understand the basics of what is in the Constitution, how it's organized, and...
American Revolution Socratic Seminar
  • American Revolution
  • MS, HS
Students will conduct a Socratic Seminar, using Revolution Era documents to better understand the people, ideas, decisions and events of the War for...
Founding Principles
  • A New Nation
  • High School
Students will use their knowledge of the Constitution and two of the Federalist Papers to discuss, in writing, how the proposed government sought to...
The Politics of the Bill of Rights
  • Constitution and Bill of Rights
  • High School
This lesson helps students understand the politics of - the compromises, differing viewpoints and ideas, and the personalities related to - the...
Constitutional Convention as a 4-Act Drama: Act 1
Governor Randolph's proposal of the Virginia Plan defined the first Act of the Constitutional Convention, and established that its purpose would be...
Constitutional Convention as a 4-Act Drama: Act 2
The Convention of 1787 was in turmoil over the differences between the Virginia and New Jersey Plans, with delegates threatening to leave and a...
Constitutional Convention as a 4-Act Drama: Act 3
With the Great Compromise in place, the Convention turns its attention to the Committee on Detail report, and the issue of slavery emerged as the...