• Ecosystems: Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics
  • Elementary (Grades 3-5)
Standards aligned
All the living and non-living components of an area that interact with each other for their survival form an ecosystem. Let's learn more about...
How to Use Drive to Organize Files
  • Multiple Subjects
  • 3-5, MS, HS
Getting started is easy. Go to the Applied Digital Skills website and sign up to set up your first class. Check out this guide with step-by-step...
Educating Girls: Azmera's Story
When 13-year-old Azmera is told she must marry, she does something shocking: she says no. Meet an Ethiopian family where a brother champions his...
Educating Girls: Senna's Story
Senna’s family struggles to survive in a bleak Peruvian mining town. Her father has big dreams for her and so insists she go to school. She discovers...
Educating Girls: Yasmin's Story
Yasmin, a young Egyptian girl, falls prey to a violent attack. Yasmin’s is the story of the triumph of imagination over a reality too painful to bear...