Abraham Lincoln and Wartime Politics
  • The Civil War
  • High School
This lesson will look at the partisan political issues which emerged in the election of 1864 around Abraham Lincoln's role as a wartime president...
Lesson 1: Slogans in Presidential Elections (HS)
In this lesson, students apply their state’s requirements for registering to vote. Students learn when and how to register, how to complete a voter...
Latinos in the Iowa Caucuses
  • Elections
  • High School
Common Core
Iowa plays a big role in the Presidential election process because it’s the first state to cast its vote for a presidential nominee. The state is...
Infographics For the Election
  • Multiple Subjects
  • MS, HS
Provide visually appealing, graphically concise, and substantive overviews of key concepts using iCivics’ infographics. Topics covered include:...