Physical Science Videos in Elementary (Grades 3-5) Science

Find free Elementary (Grades 3-5) Science Videos on Physical Science.
Powering the Planet: Renewable Energy
  • Science
  • 3-5, MS
We use energy to power our lives every day—to boot up our computers, fuel our cars, charge our cell phones, flick on a light switch, and in a myriad...
Carbon Dioxide, Temperature, and Human Impact
Standards aligned
This lesson on carbon dioxide, temperature, and human impact was developed by Hanna Nielsen at the Coastal Ecosystems Institute, and it centers on a...
Snap Circuits Introduction to Electricity
  • Science
  • Elementary (Grades 3-5)
South Carolina DOE
Using the Snap Circuits 100 kit, teach Lesson 1 in the student book. This lesson provides vocabulary, safety, handouts, and basic electricity...