Drama Assessments in Middle School Arts

Find free Middle School Arts Assessments on Drama.
Private Peaceful Resources Part 2
The last 7 lessons for a unit on Private Peaceful. I found the scheme of work online;adapted it slightly; and created PPTs to accompany the scheme;...
Skool life
  • Drama
  • Middle School
Lesson plan exploring stereotypes and melodramatic style theater using adapted script from Teachers by John Godber.
Donald Mckayle - Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder
Donald McKayle proclaims, "What is beautiful about mankind are the differences, and that is a thing to celebrate." As an African-American man, he...
Carl Weintraub & We Tell Stories - El Anciano
  • Drama
  • K-2, 3-5, MS, HS
This innovative theatre troupe brings books to life through their innovative approach to dramatizing stories and inspiring students to read. This...
The Chameleons - Life Cycle
Performed by world-class mimes Keith Berger and Sharon Diskin, Life Cycle follows the relationship of two characters, one female and one male, from...
In The Heart Of The Beast Puppet & Mask Theatre
May Day Parade and Festival - Each year In the Heart of the Beast Puppet & Mask Theatre works with their community to create a May Day Parade and...
Robert Minden:The Boy Who Wanted to Talk To Whales
A contemporary folk tale, The Boy Who Wanted to Talk to Whales, is about a boy who is compelled by a powerful dream to talk to the great whales. His...
David Prather - Prather's Poetry Jam
Casey at the Bat - In nearly two decades with The Music Center, Mr. Prather has conducted numerous workshops and residencies, and created several...
Robert Faust & Faustwork Mask Theater
The Mask Messenger offers insight into the artistic, psychological, and historical aspects of masks, connecting to the themes of Transformation and...
Debra Frasier - On The Day You Were Born
  • Multiple Subjects
  • K-2, 3-5, MS
"On the Day You Were Born," a book by Debra Frasier, served as the inspiration for a play of the same title created by Sandy Spieler & In the...