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A tortoise, student, Usain Bolt, and car running away from a lava flow

Credit: W Flemming

Science Friday
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Let’s imagine that you, a self-driving car, Bertie the World’s Fastest Tortoise, and Usain Bolt are all hanging out in the same town listening to...
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I put this Unit Plan together as part of my credentialing program in school. I conceptualized it as being strongly incorporating group work. It leans...
Hexagon Shadow Box Blueprint shop project
Attached is the blueprint for a Hexagon shaped shadow box we build out of plywood, wood project. We make them about 3-1/2" deep and the longest part...
As human populations and per-capita consumption of natural resources increase, so do the negative impacts on Earth unless the activities and...
District Map Of MD

Ariel Zych

Common Core
One of the basic underpinnings of U.S. democracy is that we use voting to determine who represents us at the city, state, and federal levels of...
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Step into the world of Ghani with . Ghani is a rice grower, community builder, and advocate in India. Practice empathy, global...