Science and Engineering Practices Lesson Plan Templates in Middle School Science

Find free Middle School Science Lesson Plan Templates on Science and Engineering Practices.
I am a Changemaker!
  • Multiple Subjects
  • K-2, 3-5, MS
Maryland DOE
What does it mean to be a changemaker? Young people will reflect on the skills and attributes needed to be a changemaker and hear inspirational...
Science of Innovation: Self-Driving Cars
Standards aligned
At Google headquarters in Mountain View, California, computer scientist Sebastian Thrun and his team of software engineers are creating a fleet of...
Mapping and Recording Coordinates for Data Collection- MS- By: Christine Cook
Standards aligned
Students learn key mapping skills and data collection techniques while observing costal sites and muskeg/forests. Students experience hands on work...
The Human Impact of America's Trash on EcoSystems
As human populations and per-capita consumption of natural resources increase, so do the negative impacts on Earth unless the activities and...
Questions to Promote Scientific Inquiry and Engineering Design
Questioning and prompting students to articulate their understanding of concepts and key ideas is an essential part of the teaching and learning...
How to Run a Professional Learning Community in Science
This brochure provides examples of group norms and essential questions to guide discussion for professional learning communities (PLCs). Sample SMART...
Guide to Planning Family Science Nights
Are you looking for guidance and ideas for planning a family science or STEM night? This guide is designed to bring new ideas to and age-old practice...
Using Psychology to Improve Mathematics and Science Education
Bridge the gap between classroom practice and basic research by reading about advances in understanding basic math and science cognition (or thinking...
Arduino for Kids - Lesson 3
  • Science
  • 3-5, MS
Simple circuit by using LM35 temperature sensor to detect & display the temperature. Great fun for kids
Carbon Dioxide, Temperature, and Human Impact
Standards aligned
This lesson on carbon dioxide, temperature, and human impact was developed by Hanna Nielsen at the Coastal Ecosystems Institute, and it centers on a...