Science and Engineering Practices Lesson Plan Templates in Middle School Science

Find free Middle School Science Lesson Plan Templates on Science and Engineering Practices.
10 lesson plans on inventions that will change the world
These 10 project-based lessons explore inventions saving endangered species, finding renewable energy sources and more. STEM and humanities teachers...
Questions to Promote Scientific Inquiry and Engineering Design
Questioning and prompting students to articulate their understanding of concepts and key ideas is an essential part of the teaching and learning...
Guide to Planning Family Science Nights
Are you looking for guidance and ideas for planning a family science or STEM night? This guide is designed to bring new ideas to and age-old practice...
Lesson plan: How “Impact Inventing” could solve public health issues
If there were an unconventional and even controversial way to stomp out Lyme disease, would you support it? What if that way included the release of...
Carbon Dioxide, Temperature, and Human Impact
Standards aligned
This lesson on carbon dioxide, temperature, and human impact was developed by Hanna Nielsen at the Coastal Ecosystems Institute, and it centers on a...
Rubber Band Rocketry and SpaceX's BFR
  • Science
  • Middle School
Students read about SpaceX's new rocket, the BFR, that would be able to take humans to Mars. Students then test how elastic potential energy gets...
NASA eClips: Secondary Design Packet
This NASA eClips Design Packet uses the Engineering Design Process to guide students from questions to solutions. Use these design packets to...
Egg Drop
Tiffany Norton
Students will learn Newton's First Law of Motion through a fun experiment