Historical Thinking Rubrics in High School Social Studies

Find free High School Social Studies Rubrics on Historical Thinking.
Organized Labor and the American Dream
Standards aligned
Main idea of this organized labor lesson: The story of power, justice, and opportunity is complicated. It is not one of constant or linear...
The Crucible by  Arthur Miller: Which lens will you select to look at it through ?
Updated with New Resources! Witch Hunt Hyperdoc Template is a very strong look at the current state of the Modern Witch Hunt. Strong historical...
Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison Unit Plan
Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison. He told the New York Times, "I am a novelist, not an activist," says Ellison in this profile for The New York Times...
The Lodz Ghetto a hyperdoc template
  • Multiple Subjects
  • High School
Very well done specific look at the ghetto concept applied to Lodz.It is meant as a start point in a unit.The letter to educators and ultimately to...