Geography Lesson Plan Templates in Middle School Social Studies

Find free Middle School Social Studies Lesson Plan Templates on Geography.
Rivers Of The World
Goes through 6 of the major world rivers.
<p>A series of lessons about pilgrimages. The first lesson introduces the idea of a pilgrimage and links it to special journeys. The second...
Island of Struay
<p>Identify main features and places of interest on Struay plus extension activity involving simple directions using compass and landmarks.
What is eaten around the World in 1 week
<p>A PowerPoint made quickly from an e-mail I received showing the amount (in America $ and the local currency) each family pictured spends on...
A Close up on China
A fill in the gaps worksheet activity regarding the economic development of China.Also useful handouts: A Blank outline map of China and Climatic...
Measuring and Describing Weather
Activities about recording; monitoring and describing weather using weather equipment and a weather diary.
Kenya topic Introduction
  • Geography
  • Middle School
This booklet has been useful for the students to get warmed up for a unit on Kenya. The activity guide has multiple activities to suit different...
What is Geography? Task sheet
This is ideal for the first lesson for 6th Grade."What is Geography" looks at the different types of Geography.
Map Symbol Bingo
Great to use as a recap tool for starters or wrap ups. 6th Grade game!
Mini Study on Cultural Foods
<p>An ICT activity that invloves students searching the web to complete a set of tasks based on cultural food. Can also be used as a project...