Civic engagement
60-Second Civics 
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This podcast from 60 Second Civics discusses about the Civic engagement (How Congress functions: Part 26)
Foundations of Democracy
34 Lessons and Resources

 #8 Collection of 2018

Supporting Safe Schools: Resources for Gun Violence Prevention
82 Lessons and Resources, 4 Collections

Find free resources for supporting safe schools for students and teachers who want to become better informed and take action against gun violence.

Climate Change Lesson Plans and Resources
46 Lessons and Resources

 #7 Collection of 2018

Impeachment Lesson Plans and Resources
35 Lessons and Resources, 3 Collections

What legislative steps are required for the impeachment of a President? Understand this idea and more with Share My Lesson's free impeachment lesson plans.

 #7 Collection of 2019

Free Online Resources for Educators, Parents and Students
98 Lessons and Resources, 7 Collections

Free Online Resources: Adjusting to Remote Classrooms and Learning

Remember February? January...

Immigration Lesson Plans and Resources
89 Lessons and Resources, 10 Collections

The AFT’s Share My Lesson offers a collection of lessons to help teachers educate all students about immigration and to help them Re-Imagining Migration create inclusive school communities. Teachers, parents, and immigration advocacy organizations from across the country have contributed to these resources.

Women's History Month Lesson Plans & Resources
53 Lessons and Resources, 1 Collection


women's history month was top collection in 2017 #7 Top Collection of 2017

Use these timely preK-12 lesson plans and class activities to incorporate key figures and historical events in your Women’s History Month lesson planning. This Share My Lesson collection spans topics like women’s suffrage and women’s rights and features influential women in science, social justice and rock-and-roll. Read this blog for more ideas on how to make Women's History Month relevant for all students. You may also find of interest the #MeToo resource collection on combating harassment and creating inclusive classrooms.

Summer Learning with Movies
31 Lessons and Resources

Using movies to teach can provide for valuable learning experiences to keep kids engaged, differentiate instruction and enhance understanding for your students.

Check out Share My Lesson's collection of free preK-12 lessons and educational activities inspired by films and documentaries. You'll find ideas that range from using Disney movies to explore food chains to using the film “National Treasure” to help students investigate primary sources.

Civic Engagement: Participation in civic life
  • Social Studies
  • MS, HS
Civic Engagement Part 3: Participation in civic life. In this 60 Second Civics podcast we discuss the benefits of participating in civic life. This...