definition of anti-semitism
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 #4 Collection of 2018

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10 of our favorite 4th Grade lessons and resources aligned to Common Core.

Black history month faces
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This February, start your Black History Month lesson planning with Share My Lesson’s expanded collection. You’ll find lessons, worksheets and activities to teach your preK-12 students about key events and individuals whose accomplishments continue to influence us today.

father daughter reading
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Keep your K-12 students reading all summer long with this best-of summer reading collection.

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The nine, lifetime-appointed justices on the Supreme Court play a huge role in our lives through interpreting the application of laws passed by the United States Congress and state legislatures. And with a vacancy created by Justice Kennedy and a nominee currently before the Senate, the structure of the Court will likely continue to shift. These resources serve as a starting point to teach your students about this important moment for our nation.