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The AFT’s Share My Lesson offers a collection of lessons to help teachers educate all students about immigration and to help them Re-Imagining Migration create inclusive school communities. Teachers, parents, and immigration advocacy organizations from across the country have contributed to these resources.

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Share My Lesson has an updated collection of resources and lesson plans to help promote dialogue with students and families to help establish and maintain a supportive and positive school environment. Find free K-12 lessons, blogs, videos and classroom activities.

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As educators, we need to help our students work through these difficult to comprehend events by encouraging them to ask questions, help provide as many answers as possible and open up an honest dialogue that allows students to state their opinions in a safe environment.  

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It's election season in the United States and a good time for students to understand why local and national politics matter and the core principles on how our democracy works. 

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human rights
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Get ideas and free resources to teach your K-12 students about a range of human rights issues, past and present. These curated activities will help students to understand better what human rights are, develop a global awareness of human rights and learn what they can do to make a difference if they find areas for improvement for others.

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