Music in Our Schools Month
23 Lessons and Resources, 2 Collections

March is music in our schools month. Take a look at these resources for ways to incorporate music into your classroom.

AFT TEACH: Equity and Social Justice Sessions
25 Lessons and Resources

Join fellow AFT teachers for our conference track on equity and social justice. There are sessions available each day during AFT TEACH. Presenter material will be added to these pages before each session.

American Hero-Myths
A Study in the Native Religions of the Western Continent
  • High School
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Arts and Humanities Lesson Plans
39 Lessons and Resources, 6 Collections

Use these free preK-12 arts and humanities lesson plans and activities on Share My Lesson to support student learning and school participation in celebrating National Arts and Humanities Month.

Colonial Latin American Independence Causes
  • Social Studies
  • High School
This handout uses secondary and primary sources to explain how mercantilism and Spanish colonial policies impacted the Creoles living in Spanish...
Teach Human Rights
58 Lessons and Resources, 2 Collections

Get ideas and free resources to teach your K-12 students about a range of human rights issues, for citizens, immigrants and refugees alike, past and present. These curated activities will help students to understand better what human rights are, develop a global awareness of human rights and learn what they can do to make a difference if they find areas for improvement for others.

 #8 Top Collection of 2017

Homes Art
  • Arts
  • Elementary (Grades 3-5)
A collection of homes from around the world featured in PowerPoints. Includes a bead project.
Pre-Columbian Native Peoples and Technology
The purpose of this lesson is for students to grapple with three separate definitions: primitive, civilized (civilization), and technology. Students...
Negotiating Native Identity Through Art and Music
Common Core
How have Native American musicians and visual artists negotiated their native identity, and what role does physical space play in these negotiations...
Teach Human Rights: Nativism in the United States
  • Social Studies
  • Middle School
The history of the United States is, with the notable exception of the indigenous peoples in this country, a history of immigrants. As waves of...