Lessons for this standard

Passion for Fractions: Shamrock Smile Mile
  • Fractions
  • Elementary (Grades 3-5)
Common Core
After this lesson, students will be able to:(a.)Create a representation for multiplying a fraction x fraction. (b.)Determine appropriate...
Fractions: Multiplying, Dividing, Simplifying
Common Core
Fractions, or parts of a whole, have often been difficult for students to understand. This is often the result of rhymes such as "Mine is not to...
I have...Who Has Cards - Numeracy
  • Multiple Subjects
  • 3-5, MS
Common Core
Visual and kinesthetic activity for use as a starter; or review activity. 5.NF.B.4 , 6.RP.A.3 , 7.RP.A.3