25 Labor Events and Organizers Who We Should Teach About During Women’s History Month


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Labor history is rich with the contributions of women, and unions have historically stood up for women’s rights. As we celebrate Women’s History Month this March, we should recognize the incredible contributions that women have made to the labor movement and American history. Here’s a list of important women and landmark moments for women in American labor history.

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March 2017
This is a great article as a launching point, but it is not a lesson and does not contain teaching materials outside of the article.
March 2017
You are absolutely correct. We are working on a way to show which resources are stand-alones and which are full lesson plans so folks can find exactly what they need quickly. In the meantime, there is a good activity to go with labor event timelines in this lesson https://sharemylesson.com/teaching-resource/when-rules-arent-right-7-time-travel-tales-activism-leslie-tolf-279986 on the site. Hope that helps for now. Best, -SML