5 Steps to Becoming a Better Photographer

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With phones having amazing cameras, everyone can take photos. While people ad things captured therein may change with time, an image freezes that moment forever. It is, therefore, only prudent to learn to take amazing photographs. Below are practical tips on achieving this.

Take an Art Class

Photography is an art and requires some creativity to execute. Taking any form of art class will work well for your photography as it will help you understand different concepts in composition. These include contrast, shading, color combinations. When you transfer the skills to photography your pictures will be superb irrespective of whether you are shooting city streets, still images or landscapes.

Limit Yourself

Limiting yourself allows you to maximize on the tools you have. It diminishes your ability to add variety but instead make good use of what is available. You can achieve this by leaving all your cameras at home and using your iPhone, walk with only a single lens or camera. When you don’t have much, you will train yourself to pay more attention to your composition. Another way to impose limit is by restricting yourself to taking images of specific subjects. There are different ways to do this. You could give yourself a specific theme each week. This could be shooting buildings, children on playgrounds or cylindrical objects among others. Doing this enhances your skills as you have to adopt different techniques to get unique shots. This is bound to spill over even when you have plenty at your disposal.

Use a Film Camera

Film cameras come with specific number of shots. Using one adds to the concept of limiting yourself. When you know that every shot counts and there is only a specific number of times for you to get it right, you will want to make every click count. You will learn to pay attention to your angling, shoot from appropriate distances, and only take a photo when you are certain about it. This boosts your sense of discernment in the art of photography.

Learn from the Manual

Well, this might seem obvious but it is often time ignored. User manuals are designed, crafted and written in a simple language that is easy for a layman to decipher. This makes the manual an incredible learning tool which, if used appropriately, will break down the functionality of each part of the camera. Learning from a manual is as simple as getting mymathlab answers from homeworkdoer. Go through it and note the important aspects listed therein to understand how best to work with the camera.

Experiment with Different Lighting

Different lighting situations bring forth different demands from you. While shooting at the golden hours is bound to give you perfect images without much strain, experimenting during different light settings will improve your ability to deal with lighting challenges. The harsh midday light will allow you to fight shadows while the blue hour makes it necessary for you to have an external flash so as to give room for creativity with the colors. When you are familiar with the different natural lighting requirements, you will be in a position to make the best out of different scenes.

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